Angelica Root / Masterwort (Angelica archangelica) Dried Herb

Angelica Root / Masterwort (Angelica archangelica) Protection, ward off evil, breaks hexes, curses and spells, clairvoyance, visions, gambling luck. Angelica Root is strongly associated with the Archangel Michael. Angelica is a protective herb and is used for exorcism, protection against evil spirits, general blessing and is especially helpful in the defense of women. Adding leaves to a bath or potions will remove curses, hexes and any other spells cast against you. Sprinkle a little in your shoes to prevent tiredness and weakness.Sprinkled around the home or when grown on your property it is said to protect your home and garden. Smoking the leaves of the Angelica plant is said to increase clairvoyance and visions. Carry angelica root alone or add to a mojo bag for increase longevity and to ward off illness and evil spirits. Add angelica to a white mojo bag and charge it to protect your baby or add to a blue mojo bag to bring peace and faithfulness to the marriage. It has also be known to be used in talismans or in a green mojo bag to increase luck when gambling. Use in a reverse mojo bag to repel and redirect hexes and curses. For more information on angelica visit our blog Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun, Venus Element: Fire

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