Banishing Spiritual Oil


Banishing Oil is used to drive away negative spirits. To get rid of someone on door handles to a home or car or where a person walks depending upon the work to be done. A few oils but not all so be careful, can be applied to the skin but test first for sensitivity.

One of the first request I got was for a “Banishing Oil” recipe, it has several main ingredients but I’ve known a few people who come up with their own version.

Banishing oil should be made during the dark of the Moon to use in any rite of banishing, undoing, annulment, release or minimizing, getting rid of. You could also use this oil to anoint a black candle for use in operations of exorcism. It could be added to mop water to drive out unwanted spirits, malevolent entities, poltergeists, negative energy, etc.

Banishing oil can be used to get rid of a harmful person in your life. For this you could anoint a black image candle representing the person and burn it, or a poppet or voodoo doll and either bury it or send it in the mail to an undeliverable location, which in a form of sympathetic magic will cause the person to leave (there is more to this I’ll explain later)

You can add a few drops of the oil to the bathwater to rid yourself of harmful energy cords, anger, jealousy, addictions or any negative thought patterns that need to be released.

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