Epo obo Evil Eye Blocker Bark

Delivery: 5-40 business days


Say goodbye to witches/wizards, bad spirits, curses, spells, negative energy, and psychic attacks.And return evil back to it original source. Epo Obo can be grinded and added into bath water .. The user can grind the epo Obo bark and mix it with soap - powdered or liquid soap. . The user can add little bit of epo obo into spiritual oil, like curse breaker, go away evil, back to sender, favour, holy oil etc. . It can added into cleaning water to cleanse homes, shops, cars and other items . A little piece of the epo obo bark can be dropped into body oil, or grinded into powder and a little of it into body lotion & cream . Epo obo bark powder can also be sprinkled atound personal space, compound etc to prevent or stop evil activities. . A little piece of the bark can be put into the bag, purse, pocket, cash register, underneath the pillow, etc. . Epo Obo bark can be grinded into powder soaked overnight with rainwater, riverwater or seawater fir spiritual purposes.

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