Fast Luck Bag


Goddess Esther mojo Bag is a small bag containing magical items, such as roots, charms, minerals, animal relics, personal items or concerns, written prayers or wishes, which have been carefully prepared and combined to achieve a specific goal.

Making a Mojo Bag is a painstaking process. Each component must be carefully selected, vitalized, and put into balance with the other components to create a living Mojo. I make my own bags from scratch. No machines are used. I hand-sew my bags and bless every stitch. The bag is usually constructed of sewn net, although leather or other materials can be used. I add the components, dressing and blessing each one, train the bag, breathe it to life and seal it. The bag must be breathed to life or it won’t work. It’s just a bag of junk. A properly constructed Mojo is warm and vibrant like a puppy or kitten. You can feel its life-force working for you.

Delivery: 5-40 business days

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