Vagina tightening stick


VAGINAL TIGHTENING: This vaginal tightening wand helps you to restore healthy, vaginal elasticity immediately by using 15-30 seconds.
VAGINAL DETOX: this tightening stick stop your vagina from body wastes or paper residue and remove bad smell before and after periods. And it keep clean your privet part.
NATURAL AND SAFE: this tightening wand is made from all natural highly potent pearl powder and common cnidium fruit. So you can use it without worry of any side-effect or infection.
EASY TO USE: this vaginal tightening stick very easy to use, you Just have to insert half of the Vaginal Tightening Stick into your vagina and gently rotate for 15-30 seconds. And you feel instant effect so say bye… bye… to messy, sticky gels and creams.
SEXUAL PLEASURE: This stick provide instant tighten effect so tightened vaginal walls gives you more pleasurable sex.

Delivery: 5-40 business days

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